A Group Hug For Lindsay Lohan


I hear you all snickering with gossipy glee that Samantha Ronson has apparently dumped Lindsay Lohan and supposedly had a restraining order taken out on the mess. But let’s have a little gay heart. Has anyone ever suffered more for her success than poor Lindsay? A freckle-faced dumpling who captivated audiences in remakes like The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, she became a pawn in the war between two embattled parents–a former showgirl seeking fame for herself and a born-again whack job who reached out to his daughter via on-camera sound bites.

Lindsay kept her winning streak going with Mean Girls, but by time they started putting her in relentless junk, she was being pushed off the fame cliff and into a world of panicky partying, where she at least found a soulmate to provide a shelter from her horrid family life and plummeting career.

And now, she’s too old to play girlie roles, too uninsurable to play just about ANY roles, and too hurt to trust the shark pool she’s been thrown into since birth. And you laugh? For shame. I love you, Linds. Come to mama!