A Look at General Greene’s Lunch Menu


The beet salad, while morbidly beautiful, could use more salt and more horseradish (click if you dare)

The General Greene began life last year as one of those short dishes places, predicated on cocktails and small plates of pork, offered with a kind of upbeat lunchroom decor. Though served only until 11 pm, the eats seemed late night by the standards of bucolic Ft. Greene. Unfortunately, the tapas-bar sector of the Brooklyn restaurant industry was already fizzling, and the General languished half empty most evenings.

But then through a stroke of genius, the menu was expanded, and lunch added. In fact, there are three lunch menus currently available, including a breakfast menu served from 7 am till 4 pm (reflecting the fact that breakfast is the new culinary frontier), a lunch menu primarily of salads and sandwiches, and a restaurant week menu that provides two courses for two people for $23. Long may it wave.

A friend and I dropped by last Friday around 1 pm to find the place pretty well filled up with knots of friends happily chatting, freelancers gazing into their laptops, and mothers with strollers dandling their infants. The place had turned into an afternoon hang.

We particularly dug the toasted trout melt sandwich pictured above, which was oily and smoky and creamy. The pulled pork sandwich, pictured below and organized something like a Cuban sandwich, was a colossal disappointment, since the pork had been rendered into small crips shards that didn’t seem much like pork. The biggest question, was why did the plates arrive so unadorned? Even a diner puts a sprig of parsley on the plate. Despite our misgivings, there was no arguing that the General Greene had attracted a hopping lunchtime crowd.

 229 Dekalb Avenue, Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, 718-222-1510

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