Bloomberg, Paterson Launch Healthy Initiatives


Mayor Bloomberg’s “nationwide initiative” to pressure the food industry to cut salt by half in the next ten years is intended to result in a healthier population, but no conclusive studies have told us how we would react to less salt in our diets.
[NY Times]

Meanwhile, Governor Paterson has declared “war on obesity,” proposing to ban junk food in schools and limit cholesterol, sodium, fat, sugar and calories in cafeteria and vending machine foods. The new rules would not apply to bake sales.

Liquid calories pack a bigger punch than their solid counterparts, according to a new study. Research showed that dieters were more successful when they cut out sugary drinks than when they cut solid food intake.

In other diet news, a Yale study shows that only about .001 of people who frequent fast-food joints check the available nutritional information, which is usually posted on the wall, in a pamphlet or on a special touch-screen computer.
[Washington Post]

After being thrown out of Posto with his wife and kids for a disparaging quote he allegedly made about the pizza, Jimmy Fallon took to Tweeting his experience.
[NY Post]


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