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Bloomberg Push-Polls Weiner, No One Gives a Damn


Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign is going great so far. The other day his minions apparently did a comically egregious push-poll against Anthony Weiner (i.e., pretending to take a phone survey but devoting the session to asking “whether the person’s views of Mr. Weiner would be altered if he or she knew of certain problems involving Mr. Weiner”). The Times even happened to notice! But once again the Mayor gets off scott free.

As the Bloomberg campaign issued a hardly-could-be-bothered sub-denial of the story, the press piled on the Times for making a big deal about a few faked and insinuating phonecalls.

Politico declares, “Not a push poll”; the conservative Weekly Standard attacks the Times for “sprinkling words like ‘derogatory’ and ‘aggressive’ to describe the Bloomberg campaign’s tactics” (and adding a blar-har about the Times‘ profitability, though the Standard is basically a wingnut-welfare makework project); even People’s Friend Gawker minimizes the story.

We think it stinks, but we’re prejudiced (i.e., we despise the jacked-up little shit Bloomberg). Though we will say that the part of the push-poll about Weiner’s “association with European models” may have actually done him more good than harm.

Meanwhile Bloomberg has picked up the not-endorsements-but-close enough of serial rapist Bill Clinton and tax cheat Charlie Rangel. Sigh. Now we know how rightbloggers: so very lonely! Photo by Spencer T Tucker via


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