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Bloomberg Rolls Out Non-Profit Assistance Program


The Mayor’s giving away money, but you won’t complain because, for one thing, it’s mostly not your money, and for another, it’s going to worthy causes — double worthy, as they may be expected to help both the recipients and the city.

Bloomberg’s “New Initiatives to Help New York City Non-Profits Cope With Cash Crunch” will help nonprofs do their helpful work, and keep the ones that are financial stressed alive and paying the crappy salaries for which they are known.

The program give $15,000 grants to, and “pair business executives” as mentors with, nonprofs of a certain size that offer human, social, and cultural services to “vulnerable residents.” The program will also help these organizations get loans, among other bureaucratic and financial services. The Mayor says it’s good for us all because non-profits employ almost half a million New Yorkers, and this will help them stay afloat.

The program will be run by the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, through which the mayor gets his rich friends to donate money to city services in exchanges for access and, perhaps, favors.


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