Booze News–Wine Studies A-Go-Go and Dan Aykroyd Signs Vodka Skulls


Wine Enthusiast alum W.R. Tish has launched a new online publication that takes a cheeky approach to wine appreciation and its aficionados. The Dregs Report is like an Onion for oenophiles.
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Director of wine and spirits at B.R. Guest Restaurants Laura Maniec is now a Master Sommelier. As the 18th woman on the planet to hold the title, she’s the youngest active MS alive and the only woman out of four maitres in New York City.

If you thought you were avoiding discolored teeth by drinking white wine instead of red, think again. An NYU study shows that the acidity in white wine can cause teeth to become more vulnerable to staining.

A study on women’s attitudes toward wine commissioned by Bordeaux wine organization Vinexpo has found that, among other things, women drink wine because–shocker!–it tastes good. The study also found that women prefer red wine to both white and rosé, and consider wine to be part of a balanced diet.

A British study suggests that drinking red wine helps you think. Grape skins contain a substance–also found in raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and peanuts–that causes blood vessels to widen, boosting the brain’s blood supply.
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Dan Aykroyd will be in New Jersey tonight signing bottles of his new Crystal Head Vodka, which–you guessed it!–comes in a big glass skull.
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