Drinking Jeremiah Weed at Cornelius in Prospect Heights


565 Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, used to house NooNa, a Korean restaurant that I really liked. Sadly, the restaurant closed a few months ago and now a whiskey bar called Cornelius has opened in the space.

Another expensive cocktail bar is really the last thing anyone needs right now–and Cornelius is practically a carbon copy of all the others. There must be a fancy cocktail bar manual somewhere, in which you find out how to artfully distress your copper bar, and how to house-pickle. The bartender (who was very nice) was even wearing a fedora with a little feather on the brim.

There are classic cocktails, including an old fashioned, a “perfect’ Manhattan, and a negroni. And there are “Bartenders Choice” cocktails, which includes a steamboat–Makers Mark, maple syrup (from New Jersey) and sweet vermouth–and the Cornelius–Bluecoat gin, sage, clover honey and lime. The drinks run from $8-10. The small food menu features a charcuterie platter, house-pickled vegetables, pulled pork sliders, macaroni and cheese, and other trendster stuff.

But Cornelius was also pouring Jeremiah Weed last night, a bourbon liqueur that is only rarely available in New York. (Six dollars for a generous pour.) Jeremiah Weed is made from sweetened Kentucky bourbon, and it’s 100 proof. The viscous amber liquid tastes like honey, bourbon and fire. Apparently, Air Force fighter pilots do a shot of it after flights (for the possibly apocryphal story, check out this Facebook page). Unlike the fighter pilots, I actually think it tastes good, and should be drunk neat on a rainy night.

Jeremiah Weed’s website (a very odd site, with a very odd forum) has this to say:

Jeremiah Weed is a very significant element of American fighter pilot culture, so much so that it has gained a cult following. Jeremiah Weed also enjoys popularity among horseback, hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

Get it while the getting’s good.

565 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn

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