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Obama Comes Home to 66% Approval; Rightbloggers Counter That He’s Askeered o’ Guns



Blar har! ObamaHitler’s shoulders jump when gun goes off! Why he so skeered? [Plays Theme from “Deliverance” on banjo]

President Barack Obama swung by Iraq last night to say hai and bai and to postpone his return to the hellhole he’s supposed to be running. It’s been a magical European tour; who wouldn’t want to keep it going as long as possible? So happy were Americans to have Obama out of the country that they rewarded him with a 66 percent approval rating. You can imagine how that goes down with our rightblogger friends.

NewsBusters, a site specializing in exposing MSM Lies, is so frustrated by the poll that it just renders parts of the quoted reports in boldface type, as if this were proof of something besides the wonders of Movable Type.

“C-BS begins the Damage Control for Barack Obama,” reads the sign MacsMind is holding aloft outside the Trilateral Commission Headquarters/Arby’s at the White Hart Mall. “Yeah, yeah he’s loved by the world because he falls all over himself talking about how we suck and should be more like them,” he tells passers-by. “The world loves it when we flog ourselves.” Suddenly he remembers today’s theme is MSM Lies and returns to it, citing a Rasmussen poll that shows rightwingers’ hatred for Obama has increased over time, which means it would totally beat everyone else’s affection for Obama in a cage match.

Jules Crittenden, in full Franz Liebkind drag, cries You are the victims of a hoax! “Coverage tended to focus on the cute bits,” he says, and “99 percent” of Obama-lover Americans don’t know he bowed to the King Saudi Bin Laden Hateamerica, despite the patriotic efforts of rightbloggers to enlighten them.

With his and freedom’s last gasp, Crittenden links to a video in which Obama’s shoulders jump for a nanosecond at the firing of guns in Turkey. (So brief and difficult to notice is the reaction that the video artist repeats and slows down the moment with back-and-to-the-left obsessiveness.) “He ain’t no cowboy,” blar-hars Gateway Pundit. Crittenden predicts the footage will destroy Obama’s reputation — though normal Americans are more likely to conclude that, with lunatics like this opposing him, it’s a wonder Obama showed such sangfroid at the sound of guns as he did.


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