Vermont, D.C. Keep the Same-Sexiness Coming


The Vermont legislature approved same-sex marriage. The Governor vetoed it. Now the legislature has overridden his veto, making Vermont America’s first legislatively-decided gay state. Hurrah! Iowa made us feel inadequate with its unanimous Supreme Court gayness, but Vermont has struck back for coastal elites. And so has the District of Columbia, whose Council just decided that D.C. will recognize SSM from out of state. East Near-Coast Rulez!

Rightbloggers, deprived of their usual activist-judges schtick by Vermont’s democratically-approved gayness, are at this writing nonplussed. But a few have made some entertaining noises:

“Judges played a role even here,” insists the American Spectator, because “the civil unions regime was judicially imposed on a state without any mechanism for the people to vote directly; it is highly unlikely that this would have come to pass had that not been the case.” The evil homos browbeat Vermonters with the tyranny of civil unions till at last, their wills broken, they marched willingly into full gayness.

Some rightbloggers allow as how this is not as bad as judicial fiat, but still horrible and gay. Beliefnet’s Rod Dreher calls it “gay marriage the right way,” but don’t take that for an endorsement — Dreher then insists that the same-sexers “will get it democratically if they can, but if they can’t, they’ll have it imposed on unwilling polities by the judiciary” and prays to his savage hetero God that there’s “enough backlash left in the American people to get a constitutional amendment passed erecting a high barrier or protection around religious institutions.” That’s what you get for doing things “the right way,” fellas! Next time you might as well just gayify them at gunpoint.

And, we gotta say, we enjoy the very poor timing of Townhall’s publication of Bill Muchison’s “Gay ‘Marriage’ Fantasy” article, and of Riehl World View’s declaration that “Unless one happens to be wearing a black robe, it seems the people have less and less say in government every day.” We’re sorry we couldn’t be in the room when he got a load of what the people of Vermont said.

More as this hilariously develops.


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