When fresh artists such as Camille A. Brown, Kyle Abraham, and Adia Whitaker create a dance, they infuse it with so much soul, funk, and sass that you feel it long after you’ve left the theater. As African-American talent, they provide precious glimpses into the myriad worlds of black experience that would be missed if supportive programs such as the venerable E-Moves didn’t provide them with a venue to do it. Now in its 10th year, E-Moves has given groundbreaking choreographers of color a chance to be noticed. This year’s series highlights emerging and evolving artists; legends (such as Gus Solomons Jr., Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, and Joan Myers Brown) linked up with those they’ve inspired (Abraham, Kim Bears-Bailey, and Nora Chipaumire); and 10 notable choreographers featured over the years, including Arthur Aviles, Erick Montes, and Judith Sanchez Ruiz.

April 16-25, 2009