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Albany Dems Flail as GOP Suits Up for Subway Savior Role


Though the Democrats have majorities in both Albany houses — albeit razor-thin in the Senate — they are so undisciplined that many now admit they need Republican votes to roll back the MTA’s proposed fare hikes. The GOP senators they’ve targeted are from upstate districts where train and bus subcontractors operate and “have a stake in making sure that there is a well-funded MTA capital plan that produces jobs in those districts,” says Sheldon Silver.

But one of the senators says the incompetent Dems “haven’t even brought a proposal forward” and that declaring for it would be like “nailing a custard pie to the wall.”

That’s just what minority leader Dean Skelos wants to hear; he has called for intraparty negotiations, and probably would prefer that the GOP senate leadership lean on the Democrats for concessions, than have members cut deals ad hoc.

They’re even getting their message out in the “liberal” media: while Silver has also called for “greater transparency and greater accountability” from the MTA, “Republicans have slammed” Silver “for conducting a secretive budget process,” the Legislative Gazette points out.

Well, they were in charge of the state for a long time. and have developed some skills, whereas the Democrats are a mess and have to kowtow to crooks and schnooks like the “Gang of Three” senators who kept bridge tolls off the table and have been asking Where’s Mine since before they were sworn in and basically fucked it up for everybody, including you and us.

the MTA has already revealed its “doomsday” timetable for cutting back essential services.

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