Bad Vibes: “Healer” Thrown Out of Union Square


For more than three years now, “crystal healer” and “spiritual activator” Angel Almodovar has been peddling rocks and remedies across from Whole Foods in Union Square Park. And he never had a problem really, until last Saturday when he claims NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe and five parks police booted him out.

“They told me it is illegal to practice healing in Union Square,” Almodovar said yesterday before he passed out fliers to alert the public of his cause. “They are violating my right to freedom of speech and my religious beliefs.”

A Parks Department spokeswoman responded to his allegations yesterday with this comment: “We are currently investigating the incident on April 4. No summons was issued to Mr. Almodovar…nor do we believe any of his rights were violated.”

The crystal healer, however, isn’t taking any chances. He says he has called upon his “spirit guides” for help and is also wearing black tourmaline and moldavite for protection.

Almodovar, who hails from Vieques, Puerto Rico, claims to be one of two “spiritual activators” in the world (the other is his mother). He says his powers were passed down through a long line of Taino healers.

Unfortunately, his powers couldn’t help him get a reading on the Parks Commisioner.

“It was like looking at an alligator at the zoo, Almodovar said. “I didn’t feel anything, and I always feel energy.”