New York

Boxers, Drag Queens, and Underage Drinkers


Click here for the cornucopia of glittery dish spewed in this week’s cantankerous column. Enter its glorious portals and you shall find morsels like:

Lovebug Zooey Deschanel defending The Happening and Jim Carrey.

The winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race telling me where her cash prize will go–no, not to a sex change.

Mo Rocca divulging that he felt sexy when getting his own prize from Mr. Big.

A major TV star telling me she fed booze to Julia Roberts‘ young niece.

Weatherbeaten boxer Joe Frazier bitching to me that he doesn’t like the HBO movie about him and Ali.

And two big names who aren’t out turning up on Out‘s power list.

If that’s not enough sauce for you in one lil’ column, then you’re inhuman!

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