There are two fascinating artists showing right now at Zone: Contemporary Art—but only one of them is real. First, there’s R.C. Baker, the actual artist behind the gallery’s fabulous new multidimensional show . . . and Nixon’s coming, which spans 30 years of Baker’s stunning drawings, paintings, and prints, and includes still-lifes, black-and-white action paintings, and comic-book pages. But as you go through the gallery, you’ll notice all the works are attributed to someone named . . . Kirby Holland? Holland is, of course, none other than Baker’s alter ego, and his story is told through his imaginative book, best described as a “literary/historical/graphic-novel/art-catalogue hybrid.” Today, hear Baker, who is also the Voice‘s own art critic, read from the book, which tells of Holland’s journey from impressionable art-school student, to World War II soldier, to comic-book illustrator during the McCarthy-era witch hunts, to eclectic painter in the 1970s. Any fan of painting, graphics, or simply good storytelling won’t want to miss it.

Sat., April 18, 1 p.m., 2009

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