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Follow Up: This Week in the Voice


We had a little trouble getting the Voice online this week, and we hope you didn’t miss any of the great stuff in the issue. Like our former music editor Chuck Eddy‘s consideration of some contemporary male country singers and their new style of shit-kicking. Or J. Hoberman‘s review of Observe and Report and its bizarre echoes of Taxi Driver. Or Robert Sietsema‘s report on “The City’s Finest Sichuan” in Bensonhurst, of all places. Or Michael P. Ventura in the Education Supplement on the new G.I. Bill (and the other Ed Supp stories), or Camille Dodero on the “Hoop Dreams for heshers,” Anvil! The Story of Anvil, or Michael Feingold on the mustering of musical comedy warhorses Finian’s Rainbow, West Side Story, and Hair, or the brilliant, bitter, funny, sad what-if about undead Kurt Cobain by Ward Sutton. Don’t worry if you came in late, the Voice is a constant and a continuum, as our news, arts, food, business & finance, Press Clips and Musto, blogs show every day. Anytime you stop by there will be something new to see. Count on it.


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