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Good Star Bad Star: Jackman “Heartbroken,” Cross Breaks Balls


Now look what you did — you broke Hugh Jackman’s heart! The X-Men Origins: Wolverine star and Oscar show host says he was “heartbroken” when his comic-book movie was leaked via the internet a month ahead of schedule, and considers his heartbreak “a very serious crime” — heartbreak in the first degree, as it were. That Fox News critic’s lucky he only got fired.

On the other hand, some stars are more sinning than sinned against. Take David Cross, who seems like such a nice fellow on… whatever he’s on now. But BlackBook’s Jessica Pilot reports that three years ago she and a friend went to a party and found Cross there. The friend, new in town, asked who Cross was; informed he was an actor, she asked him. “Have I seen you at an audition before?” Cross “walked away, immediately. My friend couldn’t bear to stay at the party; she later got depressed, became an alcoholic stripper, and finally gave up on her acting career and moved back to Tennessee a few months later.” Some people will destroy a life just like that, without even thinking about it. So yes, you’re still allowed to hate celebrities without reason. Just don’t illegally download their movies


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