As recently as our parents’ generation, some left-handed kids were forced to learn to write using only the right hand, causing social stigma and embarrassment for natural lefties. But the organizers of the Left Forum 2009 have assembled more than 600 superstar thinkers, writers, and academics, including journalist Nomi Prins (Other People’s Money) and documentarian George Stoney (The Uprising of 1934), to remind angry penmanship teachers—and Bill O’Reilly types—that left is right. Of the more than 200 panels this weekend, some fun ones include “Sex & the Culture Wars” with sexual liberation pioneer Betty Dodson, a discussion on radical film and art, a panel on sex trafficking in light of the Spitzer scandal, and a discussion on rank-and-file rebellions chaired by Mike McCarthy from the United Auto Workers Local 2110 (which represents some Voice staffers). There will also be film screenings, a cocktail party, and the largest Left book fair in the country. (Volunteers are still needed; check the website for details.)

April 17-19, 2009