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No Cop, You Hop! Clerk-, Fare-Free Subway Entrances Coming?


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It’s an ill wind that blows no one some good. What, you don’t understand that expression? We’ll explain when we have more time. Anyway, there’s a silver lining to this whole “doomsday” MTA fare-hike service-slash thing: honor-system subway entrances.

It’s not planned that way, mind you, but amNY‘s Urbanite’s report on the aftermath of a recent subway disruption points in that direction:

Last week the MTA started leaving some token booths empty. To cover for the clerks’ absence, they gated the turnstiles.

This led to a “chaotic, angry scene” at the No. 2/3 Wall Street station, says Urbanite, and other such closings “nearly caused a riot.”

Today Urbanite says that, in response to the chaos, “The MTA has decided to keep turnstiles open even if subway entrances are not staffed.”

No fare clerk? Open turnstiles? Then why would anyone who can lift themselves over the turnstile bar pay the fare? It’ll be like 1977 all over again!

We called the MTA to ask about this, but they just sent us a statement saying that “incidents of crime in the subways remain at historic lows” (not after this they won’t!) and trying to scare fare-evaders off by telling us the MTA is continuing to install Passenger Identification Cameras, which are in 105 stations at present. “If there is an event, the video is downloaded and used for investigatory purposes,” says Vice President Paul J. Fleuranges.

Sure, if you’re already on file, we expect you ought to wear a kerchief when going over. But if you’re new to the game, joy-poppers, here’s your chance to relive a little old-fashioned New York grit-glamour through petty crime. Get your friends to mumble “paythafare” through a broken bullhorn to complete the effect. Come on, you know you want to — especially with the fare going up while our leaders trip over their dicks. Fuck the man! No cop, you hop!



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