Oy Vey! Passover Jokes!


As a goyim, I can never quite figure out what the hell Passover is, except for a time when the whole city shuts down and I can’t get any work. But here comes a fully researched explanation from those who know.

According to a release I just got, “For those of you not fortunate enough to be Jews, Passover is similar to Easter, except instead of the malarkey about resurrection, we have malarkey about the Red Sea parting. (Scientists suspect it was just low tide. Moses was like, ‘No, I did that.’) To put it even more simply, Passover is the one when we eat matzoh.”

Great! I love matzoh! I also like funny religious songs, so that works out too. You see, the release came from Good For The Jews, a duo that performs a little ditty called “They Tried To Kill Us, We Survived, Let’s Eat,” which is described as “a comic retelling of the Jewish exodus from Egypt” complete with jokes about Krystallnacht and Madonna. (And yes, those are two different things.)

I’ve attached a video of the song, which they say was made for only $700 because “Jews are thrifty.” Their joke.

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