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Pirates Attack Yanks, Yanks Fight Back — All Obama’s Fault!


When Somali pirates grabbed a ship with an American crew, rightbloggers immediately declared, as usual, it was proof that Obama is a failure. “So far, the White House response has been weak,” said Michelle Malkin within seconds. “Will this be a ‘new chance for dialogue’?” sneered Hot Air. “Why were these pirates not deterred by the prospects of a response from the United States Navy?” demanded TigerHawk. “What will our president do about it?”

When White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said, “Our top priority is the personal safety of the crew members on board,” NewsBlaze interpreted his statement into Wingnut: “Gibbs is telling the pirates: We will pay any ransom for the safe return of our hostages. After hearing Gibbs’ defeatist attitude, I’m sure the pirates will now demand millions more than they originally intended to ask for.”

Shortly thereafter, the American crew took care of things themselves, kicking the pirates’ asses. But for rightbloggers, questions still remained!

TigerHawk updated that we couldn’t “let Obama off the hook” and still wants to know “will we take action to restore our deterrence” — presumably favoring the traditional Republican method, killing people who had nothing to do with it. RedState played Here’s What A Stupid Liberal Would Say with its GI Joe dolls: “Oh my godz! O Noes!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Americans taking care of themselves, without Obama’s government coming to the rescue. Does……. not…… compute. Does……. not…… compute.” Blackfive said it’s a great story “at least until the Justice department charges the American sailors with violating the international civil rights of the unemployed, indiginent and un-licensed and peaceful Somali fishermen…”

But wait — despite being forced into lifeboats, the pirates may still be holding the Americans’ captain. Surely this too is the President’s fault. More Obama mendacity and Musliminity as it develops!


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