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OK, not new we’re sure, but new to us: the New York Public Library Digital Gallery online. And here’s where instinct and the search feature led us: “Woman holding Hitler the Cat at Jitterbug Contest.” If it comes too late in the day for you to waste time with it, there’s always tomorrow.

Speaking of serendipity: former Bronx butcher convicted of killing and dismembering his boss.

You think you’re having a bad week? “‘Everyone’s turned on me,’ she said, adding that Nicole Richie walked by her and said, ‘Uck,’ while Drea De Matteo said, ‘Come at me, bitch.’

As a simple matter of karmic hygiene, if you’re going to leap to your death at the Queens Center Mall, you should make sure not to hit anyone on your way out.

More from NYPL: Mom?

Hey, Twitter now reaches more people online than the New York Times! Haw MSM Dinosaur Blar Har! So your “silly faggot..dickz are for chickz” tweet is the equivalent of a David Brooks column. Web 2.0 rulez!

But the Times strikes back — by soliciting its stoner readership’s photos of the Dead. This war will never end. And truth may be its first casualty, but your cerebral cortex will suffer most.


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