Under Review–Sietsema Finds the City’s Best Sichuan


This week in the Voice, Robert Sietsema discovers unreconstructed Sichuan fare at Bensonhurst’s Bamboo Pavilion, while Sarah DiGregorio visits the oddly addictive Wechsler’s Currywurst & Bratwurst.

Bruni drops in on Co., awarding it one star for its “fluffy, crunchy, supple, dense” pizza crust, although he says breadmaster Jim Lahey hasn’t quite nailed his toppings just yet.
[NY Times]

La Fonda del Sol earns two stars from Adam Platt for its stoutly reimagined pan-Latino favorites, although, he warns, Iberian food traditionalists will be disappointed.
[NY Magazine]

Restaurant Girl gushes over the imported specialties at Inakaya, the New York outpost of the Tokyo tourist trap by the same name, and urges patrons to reserve a seat at the robata counter.
[NY Daily News]

Meat dishes are “less sure-handed” than the cocktails at Macao Trading Co., says TONY. The Chinese appetizers are “perfectly pleasant,” but fail to wow.


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