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America Torn Between Capitalism and Socialism


Well, who can blame them? Capitalism is not what it was, so it’s not so surprising that a Rasmussen poll finds only 53 percent of Americans prefer capitalism (our alleged way of economic life) versus, uh, socialism. Don’t panic (or triumphantly man the barricades, depending on your POV) — only 20 percent overtly support socialism. 27 percent are “not sure,” which probably can be translated to “what the hell kind of a question is that? I am a simple dry-goods salesman.” Also, the pro number goes up to 70 if you change “capitalism” to “free-market economy.” If you change it to “ice cream with every meal and you never gain any weight,” the number grows even higher.

This is the sort of topic on which our rightblogger brethren must be heard:

The American Spectator calls it the “scariest if true poll result of the year” and adds a curious demurrer: “Rasmussen, it should be noted, has had a lot of polling results that have been outliers, but those results have tended to be favorable to conservatives.” Oh, well then.

“Congratulations to the liberal media, Hollywood, our fine liberal educational institutions, Democrats, and Commie lovers everywhere!” roars Gateway Pundit. “The glorious day you have been waiting for is near.” We have to remember to sent him a nice card. A Communist Party card!

“Who do we have to thank for this disgraceful outcome?” asks Centurean2. “The media? Higher education? Pop culture?” We’re raising our hand over here! “I would say all three.” Aw, no fair. He also says “the popularity of Che Guevara and other Communist symbols in fashion trends should have been our tip off that a major sea change was occurring amongst the American populous [sic].” Yeah, that Steven Soderbergh movie really went through the roof. Especially the 3-D Imax version.

“Put it on cruise and forget it ladies and gents,” sighs the Infidel Bloggers Alliance (warning: tolling bell sound. Srsly!). “The schools since 1967 have taken the young and killed the founding brothers’ idea.” They add, “Anyone else ready to go get a govt paid job as janitor paying 65k with 8 weeks vacation within few years (we want to be europe, don’t we?), paid health care and the rest?” Hey, this socialism doesn’t sound so bad! Can we work from home?

Don Surber eschews hysteria and judges that “capitalism won by a far larger margin than President Obama won the last election.” Suck on that, fascist Muslim pseudoPres! Dr. Helen assumes the socialist Americans simply “say that is better, like some kind of trained parrot. No surprise there, with what they learn in many schools.” In future, Rasmussen should simply disqualify respondents who have heard of Karl Marx. Less trouble all around!

We hope Rasmussen does a poll soon on how many people prefer blogs to a nice hot shower or a tasty sandwich. The answers may surprise you!


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