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Another Housing-Slump Story, No Perceptible Drop in Rents


Yawn, there’s a housing-slump story in the Times. We hear over and over and over that housing prices are down, yet despite all the good news (which the news outlets always say is bad), apartment prices are still ridiculously high. Yeah, you can get a 2BR for $950 — in Staten Island. And you can get a studio for $850 — in the Bronx, on 172nd Street. Those units are supposed to be cheap; when do the inflated Manhattan and Brooklyn prices come down? That’s what we want to know — but the Times, perhaps imagining their audience comprised entirely of those yuppie doofuses in their Weekender commercials, is unconcerned with these sorts of accommodations, and talks to a broker from Prudential Douglas Elliman (“Before no one asked what the maintenance was. Now everyone wants to know”) and other toffs. They do have an interactive graphic, though, where you can click among several national housing data graphs and bliss out on the moving lines. When that gets old, enjoy this East 51st Street 1BR for $2300 (“you have plenty of room in here for a standing wardrobe”).


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