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Billy Bob Thornton: Asshole, Genius, or Both?


Well, it’s not as spectacular as Joaquin Phoenix’s mumblefest on David Letterman. In fact, Billy Bob Thornton — interviewed here with his band the Boxmasters for a radio show — seems quite lucid, but behaves like a total asshole. It starts about 1:15 in, when the DJ asks when the band formed, and Thornton says “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Later the DJ asks Billy Bob what he’s learned from Willie Nelson, with whom he is on tour, and BB says he never met him. All of his answers are stark non-sequiturs or bitching about the asking of unauthorized questions concerning his acting career. The other nervous-looking band members pick up the slack.

It’s strange and funny and becoming controversial, but then you ask yourself: why was this radio interview filmed? And then it hits you: this is the best way Billy Bob can publicize his largely unknown band — by pretending to be weird. Hell, who would have seen Phoenix rap if they didn’t hear he was nuts?

This guy rose to the top in Hollywood despite his unprepossessing looks. He’s no dummy. We hope next he does an entire interview as the guy from Sling Blade. h/t Jeremy.



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