Burger King’s BK Burger Shots Ruse Uncovered


A Pair of BK burger shots (note the plural) fresh from the tissue paper (click to consume)

Always curious about fast food phenomena and how they’re generated, we at Fork in the Road were curious to check out the burger shots at Burger King, which might be considered the greatest debasement of the slider since it became popular a couple of years ago, except then we remembered that the original slider is still being made by White Castle, and it’s awful.

But, peddling over to one of the few remaining Burger Kings downtown, the one on Delancey, we discovered something perturbing.

see what we found, after the jump

Despite the artistically squirted ketchup, and distracting pair of pickles, it was immediately apparent that, though we’d purchased two burgers, we were really only given one. The so-called burger shots is really a single scrawny, elongated, and desiccated burger with a bisected bun. Perfect for sharing!


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