Drudge and Diller on Gay Power List


As you’ve heard by now, Out magazine’s gay power list includes two people who aren’t exactly running through the streets screaming, “I’m gay!”–namely right-wing web gossip Matt Drudge and married (to a woman) power mogul Barry Diller.

This kind of candor is very exciting and says to the world, “We’re not going to hide people just because THEY might want to hide. Or at the very least, we’re going to include them on our power list and address the talk about them.”

I’ve been in on this game for years. Drudge hasn’t dealt with me since I wrote up a book that tried to out him ages ago. As for Diller, I’ve always made gentle fun of his marital setup, so I doubt we’re best friends either. But I still want to take this occasion to tell both of these icons, “Congratulations! You’ve got gay power!”

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