Foodzie is Etsy for Food


You probably know Etsy, the website that brings together hundreds of small, home-grown businesses–letting you buy a homemade knit cap from some crafty girl in Vancouver, or a “dog necklace” from a quirky jewelry maker in Los Angeles.

Now there’s a similar website for food, Foodzie, which launched in December. It’s like a big online farmers’ market or gigantic, nation-wide bake sale.

You can search for products by location, product-type, or even by categories like women-owned and antioxidant.

There’s aronia berry syrup from the Twisp River Valley in Washington State; Oregon Dukkah, a Middle Eastern spice-nut mix made with Oregon hazelnuts (shown left, courtesy Foodzie); ginger and pistachio sea salt caramels from Illinois; and Black Forest bison jerky from Colorado Springs, among many other small-batch products.

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