Incredibly Cheap Eats–Cantonese Roasts at Dai Wah Yummy City


Bensonhurst, Brooklyn is perhaps best known for its Italian bakeries and pork shops, but as Robert pointed out in his column on Bensonhurst’s Bamboo Pavilion this week, Chinese businesses are cropping up all over 18th Avenue. Robert predicts the neighborhood will become a full-fledged Chinatown soon.

I trundled down to Bensonhurst looking for Italian Easter bread (more on that tomorrow), but the exuberantly named Dai Wah Yummy City lured me inside with a roast half pig dangling in the window. The restaurant is relatively new (I believe it opened last spring), and was full of families sitting around large tables, slurping noodles and eating Cantonese roasts.

Dim sum carts with steamer containers inside were also sitting in the dining room, although they seemed to be dormant today. Yummy City’s menu is encyclopedic, and includes a slew of Cantonese casseroles, noodle soups, clams with black bean sauce, goose feet with black mushroom, conch with chive, and so on, as well as Americanized stuff like General Tso’s chicken and sweet and sour chicken.

But the roasts definitely seemed like the thing to do, and so I did them. A large plate of pig, hacked from the haunch, along with a portion of roast duck set me back only $4.50. Above, that’s pig to the left, duck to the right, and black vinegar for dipping. The pig was delicious–star-anise-scented flesh interspersed with snowy white fat and capped with salty, crackly-dry skin. The duck was a bit bony and fatty, but the lacquered skin was lovely. Yummy City, indeed.

Dai Wah Yummy City
7218 18th Avenue, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

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