Is The Sex and the City Sequel Still a Good Idea?


The Sex and the City movie made bundles of cash last year, so when a followup film was announced, it was about as shocking as the release of a new Harry Potter flick. But since then, the world has plunged even deeper into all kinds of turmoil and despair, and I have to wonder how relevant the story of four dingbats looking for the right Jimmy Choo pumps and the best man to wear them with will be now. They’re lucky the first movie was more about settling into relationships than about shopping sprees and dating montages, but still, these gals aren’t exactly the kind of dark, textured personalities that could distract audiences from feeling they’re immersing themselves in something weirdly bouncy.

Serious changes need to be made for the characters to become more fresh and of the moment. They all need to become social workers who meet every Sunday in a homeless shelter, where, in between serving grub to the underprivileged, they can forge a plan to help people with AIDS in Malawi escape to America, where they’ll get way better treatment. I wouldn’t buy a ticket for that either, but at least it’d seem more responsible.

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