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Pirates in Negotiation with Craven Obama Govt.


An FBI hostage negotiation team has been called in on the Somali pirate case we mentioned yesterday. All the American hands are secure and in possession of their vessel except the captain, Richard Phillips. A U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer and other warships have been called to the scene. All of this, as previously reported, proves Obama is a failure. Top rightblogger Instapundit seems at first dismayed that the crew retook the ship (“gets Obama off the hook”) but later gloats that “nation-states successfully suppressed pirates for years without such troubles, suggesting that the law has not exactly ‘progressed’ in this area” — meaning BigObama government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. “Team Obama said they were monitoring the situation,” says Gateway Pundit. “No doubt, they are looking for a place to hold talks.” Blar har. “Have U.S. ships been spared until now because pirates feared the last president more than they fear this one,” asks RedState, “or is it merely coincidence?” Gasp! Unfortunately they fail to provide an imaginary conversation among the pirates (“Theese Obama, he is weak like the woo-man”). More Obama-blaming spin as the situation develops!


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