Real Dives–Denny’s Steak Pub in Kensington, Brooklyn


Real Dives: In which we recommend authentically divey dive bars. A real dive bar may be characterized by low prices, clientele over 60, trucker hats only on actual truckers, a long history, lotto, lack of ironic PBR, and a sense that the place is not trying to impress you, or anyone else, ever. The kind of bar you worry will soon be replaced by some godawful glass condo.

Today’s Dive: Denny’s Steak Pub

Clientele: White men, over 40

On the walls: Stucco; four televisions: one playing My Man Godfrey (1938, Carole Lombard and William Powell), the other three playing baseball; a black and white photo of the original Denny’s in the 1950s at 7th Avenue and 9th Street in Park Slope; FDNY crest; a sign that reads: ‘Denny’s Sports Bar, den of delinquents.’

On the sound system: Frank Sinatra, basic jukebox top 40

On tap: Bud, Sam Adams Summer Ale

What to drink: Stiff pours of Jameson, $4.50, two for one during happy hour

Overheard: “What would you like to hear, some Doris Day?” (A sarcastic comment from a patron manning the jukebox.)

“Can I tell the story first and then you can mock me?”

Said to us, as we left: “Run away, this place is nothing but trouble.”

Note: Denny’s is right in the middle of what is now the Bangladeshi part of Kensington, so after you get a drink at Denny’s, walk just a half block for good Bangla food at Jhinuk or Suganda restaurant. Paan sellers line the sidewalk.

Denny’s Steak Pub
106 Beverley Road, Brooklyn


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