Save the Planet–Eat More Jellyfish, Experts Say


Starbucks yesterday opened its first café in Poland, located in downtown Warsaw. The company said it has been wanting to enter Poland, a country that has embraced coffee culture, for awhile.
[Seattle PI]

Hamptons restaurateur Ed “Jean Luc” Kleefield was arrested Friday after turning himself in for writing nearly $300,000 in bad checks. He also claims to have borrowed money from “a concrete cement contractor with a criminal record” to keep four of his restaurants open.
[NY Post]

After the passage of a law in California last year that protects the rights of animals raised on factory farms, the animal rights movement has become more widespread. Law schools now offer animal rights courses and fast-food chains are collaborating with animal rights groups.
[NY Times]

As so many species of fish become endangered due to rampant overfishing, jellyfish and squid are hogging all the ocean’s nutrients and may soon be some of the only healthy species left to fish. The solution? Start eating more squid and jellyfish now.

Will canola be the next soy? Two Canadian companies hope so. They are aiming to be the first to produce high-value proteins for food consumption from the part of the canola crop that has the lowest value.


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