Asher Roth in Details: “Two Things I Don’t Need Right Now in My Life Are A Child or An STD”


You may be overexposed if two members of the same family have interviewed you in the span of a week. From Details:

Q: Are the girls all over you at your shows?

A: They say some funny shit. This one girl was like, “I’m a hockey player. I even have a hockey butt.” And they are real obvious with their intentions. I don’t find females intimidating by any stretch of the imagination, so these girls come through with their bullshit–they’re like, “Oh, I care about you,” and I’m like, “Get out of here!”

Q: You don’t want to spend one night with hockey butt?

A: You know, the two things I don’t need right now in my life are a child or an STD. So I’m going to pick my battles wisely. But am I going to be making out and having some fun every now and then? Absolutely. But I also don’t need to sleep around and feel shitty about myself.

We enjoy the idea of Asher Roth asking himself if he’s going to be making out now and then.

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