Bittman’s Snapper Recipe Bites Him in the Ass


Eat Me Daily asks, “How knowledgeable is Mark Bittman about fish?” EMD calls out The New York Times dining section after Grist editor Tom Philpott called out Bittman for recommending a recipe for red snapper, a species that has been dangerously depleted due to overfishing. Philpott’s rant bring up an interesting question: just how responsible are food writers for educating the public on how to eat well and sustainably? In Bittman’s case, the answer appears to be responsible enough, considering he touts himself as a locavore and a conscientious eater. Bittman has apologized for his oversight and promised to address the issue in his column shortly. Considering today’s post, it’s sure to be a fishy next few days on Bitten.

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