Bloomberg Facebook Page No Fun at All


Yesterday, Mayor Mike Bloomberg announced he’s courting Facebook, despite the fact that the stunningly successful web company already has an office here. Since Bloomie seems so fond of the social networking site, we figured it might be interesting to visit his Facebook page to make sure he was tagging embarrassing photos of friends and messaging ex-girlfriends along with the rest of us.

Alas, the Mayor’s account is strictly PR. The comments appearing on Bloomie’s “wall” are, for the most part, unabashed cheerleading: “Good for you Mayor Mike. You have my vote again,” one commenter fawns. There are also three fan photos, including the pictured “Wendy” (“I’m not living in New York anymore, but I was so impressed with Mike that I still keep up with him in Tennessee”) and “Mustafa” (“wants to join the street art team”).

What, no foul-mouthed criticism regarding evaporating term limits or the prospect of a soda tax? Must be moderated.