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Cheek, in Review: 7 Days of Runnin’ Scared


Well, some cowboy’s Goin’ Galt in Brooklyn Heights, anyway. Photo (c) Charles D

Rightbloggers decided President Obama is a fascist. Despite this, and the aid and comfort he gives to pirates, the voters like him anyway — which figures, since many of them are apparently socialists. Which may be why, despite protests, Obama Fried Chicken isn’t changing its name.

Mayor Bloomberg received the endorsement of the wacky Independence Party, gave help to non-profits, was accused of push-polled an opponent and denied it, unveiled a new campaign ad, and ceded control of the city to Ed Skyler.

Meanwhile his opponents were busy, too: Anthony Weiner went looking for more cigarette tax money, and Bill Thompson said the Department of Education overspent on ballroom dancing lessons.

Governor Paterson polled worse than ever, so he went looking for some gay love.

Once and future governor Eliot Spitzer faced his gremlins.

Albany gave us more red light cameras but can’t do shit for subway riders.

Speaking of the MTA, since their workers are not obliged to help sexual assault victims, one victim fought back with her cell phone — and won. MTA also won’t be watching some of its subway entrances. No cop, you hop!

D.A. Bob Morgenthau indicted an arms dealer — who may never see the inside of a courtroom.

James Carville invited us to American Idol.

Billy Bob Thornton: Asshole, Genius, or Both?

We helped a Christian child molester make up excuses.

We reveled in Crap Studies! Do Cats Have ESP? Also: CHEERLEADING!

The Tedisco-Murphy post-election race was tied. Then Tedisco led. Then Murphy. See you in court, NY-20 voters!

Vermont kept the same-sexiness coming; Michael Feingold burst into song.

We got the straight dope on Lance Armstrong.

Baseball returned! The Mets offered opening day tickets at new, high auction prices. Joba Chamberlain dissed New York to soften a DUI rap.

John DeSio went to the Bronx Anarchy Fair, noticed that not many others did, which displeased commenters (“i hope you die”).

Also hatin’ on the Voice: AIDS denialists.

We got to talk to one of our heroes, playwright Robert Patrick.

Wayne Barrett gave Al Sharpton an “apology.”

Upstate New York threatened to secede. Can you blame them?

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