New York

Down With Blockbuster!


As the video store chain spirals thanks to the ascendancy of Netflix, at least one person is thrilled about it, and he happens to write for Salon. Mike Madden‘s article cheers on the store’s demise, mainly because he didn’t like the late fees (though he accrued them because he’d neglect to return the stuff for days at a time). Also because they specialize in “mainstream Hollywood crap” more than anything all that artistically gratifying. I’m with him on that one! Whereas the much missed Kim’s Video on St. Marks Place had a sprawling, esoteric collection of gems, Blockbuster has always been big on anything with Nicolas Cage.

But what really bugs ME about Blockbuster is that, as I remember, for years they wouldn’t carry gay-themed stuff because it didn’t mesh with their cinematic family values. And there’s the little matter of them giving all your late-fee money to various anti-gay ballot initiatives. Ugh. On your knees, Blockbuster! Suck it up!

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