Jesus Walks on Easter Weekend


This Sunday is Easter, and the Diocese reports that Cardinal Egan, feeling better after his hospital recovery from a gastrointestinal virus, will do his Holy Weekend service at St. Pat’s, so grab a pew and watch the old pro work. If you didn’t get an invite to the totally corrupt White House Egg Hunt — sorry, citizen, your ticket went to homosexuals! — you can attend the egg hunt tomorrow at the Queens Zoo. You may also take in the sacred art of David La Chapelle at i-D magazine (example above). But hurry — we are assured than the godless have declared War on Easter, in which the White House itself is “turning the most Holy of days in the Christian calender into a gala celebrating sin.” Next year you may have to turn Jewish and worship the Sun. So join Charlie Brown and the Easter Beagle and gather ye colored eggs while ye may!


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