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Latest New Depression Victims: Sperm, Car Show, S. Glens Falls Parade


The market may be up a bit, but let’s not get carried away — after all, the New Depression is causing men to get vasectomies. Or so infers the Times: “Urologists and clinics have noticed an uptick” in snips, they say, and “the recent anecdotal data, if they hold, would have a historical parallel in the Great Depression, when the birth rate fell sharply.” And back in those days they didn’t even have vasectomies — cold showers and B.O., that’s what they had. Maybe the Times isn’t the best source on this, though: they can’t even enjoy the New York Auto Show (“Putting On a Brave Front When Fear Is in the Air”) with a recession angle (“many were whispering about whether Chrysler would still be around next year, when the Jeep is due to go on sale as a 2011 model”).

Still, it’s not a good sign when South Glens Fall, New York may lose a holiday parade because its sole sponsor, TD Banknorth, is withdrawing. “We can’t just keep adding and adding to the money that we give to people,” says the bank’s senior loan officer. He says they’re giving money directly to Toys for Tots, the parade’s traditional beneficiary, instead. Mayor Keith Donohue says he’ll look for new local sponsors, donations and “employee volunteerism” to replace the bank’s contribution. Photo (cc) delta407.


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