New New School Occupation: Endgame


twitpic by onesix

Robert reports: “I’m now on 14th st and 5th ave among a group of about 200 sympathizers, demonstrators and gawkers that the cops keep herding from place to place. Both camera and phone almost out of electricity!” Well done, faithful servant, but the New School occupation seems to be in endgame: the Times tells us the cops successfully took the building; the occupation blog calls for protests at the local police precinct, to which arrested students have been taken (studentactivism says they hauled in 15 occupiers; NYU Local says it’s 19). Though the New School in Exile site is currently silent on the incident, the New School says in a statement that today’s occupation “was joined by a number of New School in Exile students as well as individuals without any affiliation to The New School,” that the occupiers “injured a security officer,” that the students among them are suspended, and that “their claim that this was a simple political protest is false.”

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