New New School Occupation: Students Gassed, Sprayed?


photo by Robert Sietsema.

Now we’ve found an occupier blog that says “New School pepper sprays, tear gases, arrests own students. PEOPLE OCCUPYING THIS WHOLE MOTHERFUCKER ARE NOW BEING ARRESTED!!! It took the pigs and new school authorities pepper spray, tear gas, and beating up some bystanders outside. OUR STRUGGLE DOESN’T DIE! TILL EVERYONE IS FREE!” iWitnessVideo says they heard about the pepper spray.

“How exciting, all these uniforms!” comments an unsympathetic twitterer. “Go get’em, GO!”

Robert is still on the scene and confirms that the cops got inside, says “two student occupiers have just been brought out” but “the cops have pulled paddy wagons between the press pen and the front of the building so the press can’t see any of the actual arrests.” No confirmation of the gas or spray yet.

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