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New School Occupation Continues! Voice Food Critic Undercover! | Village Voice


New School Occupation Continues! Voice Food Critic Undercover!


This… is Occupied 65 Fifth Avenue. Photos by Robert Sietsema.

Our reporter Robert Sietsema is undercover at the New New School Occupation! “I’m actually in the cop area,” he tells us, “much closer to the action than the press who are across the street. I’ve been mistaken for a cop.” We knew his years of concealing his identity from restauranteurs would come in handy! What are the cops doing, Robert? “The cops are all standing around text messaging.” And so’s Robert! Ha ha, they’ll never catch on!

Here’s a picture of some cops:

Recognize any of them? We think we were at a Black 47 show with the guy on the left.

He further reports, “There’s a line of 25 cop cars that just swept in, in a show of force, Now about 200 police and firemen milling around, plainclothes guys in lobby of new school building at 72 Fifth avenue, with worried-looking New School officials.”

UPDATE! “Shit! The bigwigs saw me taking the picture and now I’m ghettoized across the street with the press.” Hang in there, Robert!

Lower-case update: In case you’re wondering what this is about, student Robert Folk told NY1 that while the New School acceded to the protesters’ earlier demands, they still haven’t fired New School President Bob Kerrey and Vice-President James Murtha, hence the action. “This is just a demonstration of students taking back their space,” says Folk.


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