On the Unfortunately Named But Still Winsomely Charming Now, Now Every Children


The two endearingly wool-capped members of the abysmally named Now, Now Every Children were both 21-years-old as of December, 2008, and sometimes sound it. Cacie Dalager, guitar and vocals, and Bradley Hale, drums, are being saddled with a one-sheet that talks an awful lot about their Twin Cities marching band roots, which seems like something that will do them no favors in the long run–I would’ve fabricated a story about them being heirs to Lifter Puller or something, although I kind of doubt they’ve ever even heard that band. On MySpace, they’ve posted lyrics, which skew hard to a late ’90s Get Up Kids dramatic template we can’t help but hold dear–“you’re not too small for this / but you’re not even trying / i know you’re taking everything way farther than you’ve known /i know what’s taking all this space / i know i know,” goes one. That song’s called “Have You Tried,” awesomely. “Sleep Through Summer” is as good a stab at the trembly falsetto bits from Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity as we’ve heard anyone attempt; other, older songs, like “Not One But Two,” channel Yeah Yeah Yeahs a bit too much for our taste–but they’re young, they’ll figure that out. The Fader has “Everyone You Know,” which we recommend, it being the closest they’ve come so far to an anthem.

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