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Times: Skyler, aka Batman, Runs City


A former PR exec at Bloomberg LP now runs the city, says the Times. Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler not only commands an $18 billion budget and a staff of 95,000 — he also chases down muggers and gets squeegee men arrested. “Ed is literally Batman,” says fellow deputy Kevin Sheekey, who mentions that Skyler “has very quietly become the guy who is running the city.” Skyler is also known for denouncing city pensions, including the cops’, but the Times focuses instead on Batman’s “secret meetings” with PBA officials “at coffee shops and diners across the city” and his approval by Pat Lynch (“It was Ed who got us to the table”) for getting cops the sweet deal they currently, if perhaps temporarily, enjoy. So he has considerable political savvy as well as crime-fighting skills. The Times also tells us Skyler “is single, enjoys hip-hop music and film, especially the ‘Star Wars’ movies.” Maybe if Bloomberg ever stops being Mayor, Skyler can step up. It would help if he wore the cape.


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