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With Skyler in Charge, Bloomberg Free to Meddle in Virginia, NJ


Ed Skyler’s running the city for him, so Mike Bloomberg is free to pursue extracurricular activities. Like advertising: he’s joining families of Virginia Tech shooting victims to produce an anti-gun ad to run in Virginia. Apparently the failure of the city’s big gun-vendor suit last month hasn’t slaked his ardor to tell people in other jurisdictions not to pack. He’s also telling them who to vote for, holding a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy at the Bloomberg Upper East Side townhouse.

Plus he’s got that election coming up, and is scouting up campaign workers; while other city candidates rely on volunteers, as previously shown Bloomberg’s willing to pay for campaign help, and now he’s going after high school students — also offered pay — who don’t want to work at McDonald’s.

Not that he isn’t paying attention to city business: he recently went on NY1 to tell citizens that if he can’t make some sweeping city job cuts, New York may go bankrupt.


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