Yet Another New School Occupation in Progress!


photos by Robert Sietsema

Apparently students are taking over the New School, again. (You may recall they did this in December, too.) The New School Free Press says about 60 students bum-rushed the Albert List building at 65 Fifth Avenue around 5:00 a.m.

They’ve got some demonstrators out front, says our intrepid legman and food writer Robert Sietsema, and the cops are on the scene: “Much larger police presence this time, cops have blocked off the sidewalks on 5th north of 12th st and put up barricades. Incredulous students are saying ‘How do I get to class?’ But the cops won’t let them through. 13th street also completely blocked off, massive police presence… Lots of helicopters whirring overhead.”

Also, “three dozen demonstrators are yelling ”circle, circle’ and making twirling motions in the air,” but “cops with bullhorns at 14th and 5th are preventing demonstrators from massing. Lots of FDNY vehicles too.”

More as it develops. (Update here.)


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