Announcing the Three-Dollar Throwdown–An Exercise in Extreme Frugality


(To the tune of the Subway $5 Footlong song): Three… Three-dollar… Three-dollar Throwdown.

You’ve always known us as proficient penny pinchers. Over a boozy meeting last week, we decided to put our thriftiness to the test. Welcome to the Three-dollar Throwdown, wherein we at Fork in the Road compete against ourselves and our readers to create the tastiest, most inventive and most satisfying meal… all for just $3.

The rules:

1. You must buy all ingredients whole. (i.e., If your recipe calls for flour, you must buy the whole bag… unless you can find a place that sells loose flour! Also, you can’t buy half an onion.)
2. You must spend no more than a total of $3 on all ingredients required for your recipe not counting salt, pepper and oil.
3. You must submit your recipe by 1pm Tuesday, April 14… that’s exactly 24 hours from now!

To participate, please send your entries to Sarah DiGregorio at The winner will be picked based on user feedback and general consensus.

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