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Bloomberg Gains GOP Nomination, Said to Seek WFP Nod Too


This weekend Mayor Bloomberg won the endorsement of the Bronx Republican Party, more or less ensuring that he will appear on the Republican as well as the Independence Party line in November’s mayoral race. (He may face a primary challenge, but is expected to make short work of it.) Notwithstanding Bloomberg’s very public abandonment of the Republican Party in 2007, local GOPers were happy to have him aboard despite their “healthy disagreements.”

The usually hardcore conservative Republican and anti-Bloomberg Urban Elephants site offered a post in which the author, though “absolutely opposed to Bloomberg’s candidacy for mayor,” nonetheless agrees “there does not appear to be any real reason why they should refuse to give him the nod. It makes little sense to put themselves on the outside looking in…”

It is reported that Bloomberg also seeks the endorsement of the liberal Working Families Party — which party the New York Post today condemns as “left-wing coalition of organized labor and ACORN activists,” which for conservatives is about as bad an agglomeration of curses as can be concocted. Expect to hear less overt criticism of the WFP from the Bloomberg-boosting paper if the deal goes down.


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