Coke-stuffed Melons, American Gins, and How To Eat More Slowly By Counting Your Chips


BRUNCH, the musical, offered New York chefs, waiters, restaurant managers and bartenders free tickets to the 8pm performance last night, on Easter Sunday, in an effort to give back to the community that inspired the show.
[Broadway World]

Queens shoppers who bought bitter melon recently were surprised to find that, upon slicing open the cucumber-shaped gourd, baggies of a mysterious white powder were found inside. Police have yet to confirm it as a drug smuggling gone wrong.
[NY Times]

The fishing of chinook, also known as king salmon, off the coast of California and much of Oregon has been banned for the second year in a row after a record low count of the species returned to the area in 2007.
[SF Chronicle]

When American gins are put to the test, interesting botanicals win out over blander vodka-like distillations. But will local brands ever be more more popular than London dry?
[Wall Street Journal]

A man whose 10% Starbucks gold card was not honored at a New Jersey location because, as a franchise, the store is individually owned and managed, received a $50 gift card from the company as an apology.

Are you a too-fast eater? Slow down with the waiting game solution, says, Dr. Pavel Somov, which involves resting your hands between bites, chewing thoroughly and counting chips.
[Huffington Post]


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